Finding the Big Picture: Planning with Journeys at AgileEE 2013

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Check out David Hussman’s behind-the-scences interview from Agile Eastern Europe, the largest and most renowned Agile conference in Eastern Europe, where he talks about zooming-out from small sprints to find what’s really valuable. To see the whole talk click here. Then for info on David’s next speaking event How to Build the Wrong Thing Faster and Learn From It at TriAgile April 16 in …

DevJam at 2014 ADC West Conference

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The Twittersphere was abuzz June 1-6 with #bscadc and other talk of the 2014 Agile Development Conference West. DevJam was honored to have three coaches not only in attendance, but as participants. All three coaches taught sessions, and David Hussman was a featured keynote speaker. Sessions/Tutorials: Joel Tosi: “Improve Continuous Delivery through Continuous Questioning” Matt Barcomb (Kickoff speaker for the …

Collaboration That Scales

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How do you scale collaboration? Scaling a culture of collaboration is more important than ever before. If you’re interested learning how your organization can successfully coordinate across development teams, executive stakeholders, program and project managers, users, and customers, then you’ll want to watch this webinar with David Hussman, presented by Version One and DevJam. Click here to view the webinar

Dude’s Law, Gordon Pask and The Shoveler

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In 2010, I was awarded The Gordon Pask Award. When asked why, the committee told me it was “so that I continued doing the work I was doing”, or pragmatically coaching and teaching agility. Joe Rainsberger was kind enough to call me “a builder of community builders” and Jeff Patton told me that I “play the ball where it lies”  (instead of telling people they …