Imagine a world where Scrum Masters are replaced with Product Leads and Scrum Teams are replaced with Product Teams. In this brave new world, products are valued over process and teams learn to build less of the wrong thing. Validation is more important than progress and story points are secondary to satisfied customers. Discovery and delivery cadences overlap to inform each other, allowing teams (and collections of teams) to bond around what they have produced instead of the process they are using.

Products over Process blends practices from agile, lean and UX into a guide that will help you adopt or scale product development, within, across and outside teams. Product Managers, Product Owners, Coaches, Scrum Masters, and anyone wanting to introduce a product mindset or scale product development will learn from the contents.

Some topics covered are:

  • Moving from Process (and Projects) to Products
  • Building Product Teams and Product Communities
  • Producing in Context: One Team and One Product vs One Product and Many Teams
  • Example Driven Discovery with Story Mapping, Customer Journeys, Minimum Viable Learning
  • Early Validation and Detection Techniques
  • Scaling Product Development: Within and Across teams
  • Using Continuous Delivery to Promote Continuous Product Learning.

If you’ve read this far, you are entitled to know that this is a GDF  book (guaranteed dogma free)