Product Conf 2016 Videos

On a warm August day in 2016, over 300 product-concerned members of the Minneapolis-St Paul product community, communed at Minnesota’s History Center for a day of non-stop, full-steam ahead product discussion. Never before (and probably never again) will such a diverse and concerned group of product presenters appear together in the same lineup. For those of you who were able to attend the day we wanted to make these videos available for reflection and conversation. For those unable to attend, we wanted to share what made Product Conf special–our presenters. Below you will find their talks.

Don Rienertsen

Though Lean methods have been used for over 50 years, there’s plenty of room for improvement. In his talk, An Introduction to Second Generation Lean Product Development, Don Rienertsen talks how to get more out of Lean, how to do it right.

Jeff Sussna

In Jeff’s talk, Beyond Products: Unifying Design and Operations, he introduces the new challenges posed by service, digital infusion, complexity, and disruption. He presents a new model of IT that emerges from rethinking the relationship between design and operations.

Jeff Gothelf

In this practical presentation, Jeff shares several methods for scaling Lean Startup techniques in large organizations exemplified in detailed case studies and professional experience.

Mary Poppendieck

In her talk, Platforms Beat Products – Almost Every Time, Mary talks about how platforms are changing the game, and redefining what it means to be a successful Internet company.

Jez Humble

In this talk, Jez explores the science behind high performing organizations, and presents principles and practices that can work even in large, traditional organizations.

David Hussman

In his talk, David explores both product discovery and product delivery, examining how to blend them at a frequency that is right for the product and not driven by the process.

Jeremy Kriegel

In his workshop, Jeremy teaches how to create a basic sketch of an interface using some simple sketching techniques and UX principles as well as practice thinking-on-your-feet that will help you comfortably do this with a group.

John Willis

In this presentation, John looks at how Devops increases speed and reliability.  How Immutable Delivery models using Docker can increase effectiveness. And how combining Devops and containers with Toyota Supply Chain delivery models can super size speed and reliability.

Closing Fishbowl

To close the conference, we invited Mary Poppendieck, Jeff Sussna, Jez Humble, Don Reinertsen, and Katie Drews to have a discussion on topics/ questions posed by attendees.