Agile2015 – Example Driven Design: Creating Story Maps With Examples

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We’re still reeling from the fest that was Agile2015. One of our many highlights was David Hussman’s talk Example Driven Design: Creating Story Maps With Examples. If you missed the talk or want to re-visit the ideas, the slides can be found here. Curious about what we used to story map during the David’s talk at Agile2015? We used a little …

From Progress to Product

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David Hussman speaks about the evolution of product thinking and what’s next. For more pragmatism from a UI/UX perspective check out Jeremy Kriegel and his short interview on why sketching can help get you to product agreement faster. From Agile Day Atlanta 2015. Interview by VersionOne.

Open Space Twin Cities 2015

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When: JULY 10th, 2015              12:30PM – 4:00PM-ish Where: Symantec               2815 Cleveland Ave N               Roseville, MN 55113 Open Space is a community event held in place of our July Practical Agility Session. The Open Space vibe is simple: Start participant-fueled discussions that yield helpful …

DevJam Sponsors School Development in Bolivia

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PhiloJam, Devjam’s silent philanthropic arm, has recently helped sponsor the development of two schools in rural Bolivia with the non-profit Mano a Mano. Here is a a report of what’s been succeeded: “With your help, Mano a Mano was able to build 2 schools in rural Bolivia: ·         a 10-classroom school (fully equipped) in Esmeralda for 325 students, plus community bathrooms (with …

June 6th for Hack for Change

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Does Your Good Code Do Good? On June 6th, hackers around the country will gather to do good as they create good code. The National Day of Civic Hacking 2015 will bring together citizens, developers, designers plus government staff to collaboratively create build and invent. National Day of Civic hacking is Minnesota’s contribution to Hack for Change and DevJam Studios …

Do We Value UX Skills Over a UX Team?

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Join us May 6th for the Next Practical Agility Gathering More and more people are learning and experiencing the value of user experience (UX) and user centered design (UCD). In some companies, UX / UCD are shifting to be a skill over a role, much in the way that architecture has changed in healthy organizations. Differing from architecture, many software people do …

David Hussman to Speak at Agile Day Atlanta

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David Hussman will give a talk at Agile Day Atlanta this year on May 8th. The talk is titled Story Maps, Customer Journeys and Other Product Design Tools: “Are you sure you are building the right product? Although agile methods help teams build products faster, many teams struggle to validate customer direction or product features. Some teams talk about “grooming the …

An Evening with MongoDB Debriefed w/ John Culviner

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On March 5 DavJam hosted Matt Kalan, a senior solutions architect from MongoDB, in studio. He outlined the benefits to using MongoDB as compared to other RDBMSs and what’s new in MongoDB 3.0. Bonhomie was had and the event was a roaring success. We asked John Culviner, an independent consultant specializing in Angular.js, JavaScript and full-stack development using C+ and/or Groovy/Java, …

Agile Development Conference West Tutorials

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David Hussman will give three half-day tutorials at the Agile Development Conference West in Las Vegas, NV in June. They are: Build Product Backlogs with Test-Driven Thinking–and More “Many product backlogs of user stories are nothing more than glorified to-do lists. Teams have lost the idea of prioritizing real business value and focus instead only on finishing stories and accumulating …

David Hussman to Keynote TriAgile in Raleigh, NC

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David Hussman will be giving the talk How to Build the Wrong Thing Faster and Learn From It at TriAgile in Raleigh, NC at the McKimmon Center on April 16, 2015. Here’s the scoop: “For years we’ve worked hard at software development. As teams establish better flow in software development, refactoring language, not just code, presents itself as a meaningful evolution. …

Coaching Measurable and Lasting Agility

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Join us March 11th for the Next Practical Agility Gathering This session could also be called “All About Your Coaching Experiences”. While all experiences are welcome, we are mostly looking for stories about establishing and maintained real and measurable agility. If you would like to be one of the lightning talkers, email us. Please do not  hesitate to be a lightning …

Finding the Big Picture: Planning with Journeys at AgileEE 2013

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Check out David Hussman’s behind-the-scences interview from Agile Eastern Europe, the largest and most renowned Agile conference in Eastern Europe, where he talks about zooming-out from small sprints to find what’s really valuable. To see the whole talk click here. Then for info on David’s next speaking event How to Build the Wrong Thing Faster and Learn From It at TriAgile April 16 in …

Learing in Customer Journeys

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Many people think of DevJam as a place to go to get coaching and courses that produce real and lasting agility. While we are stoked that we are a trusted source, we are on a quest to share our product development stories and our lean and mean(ingful) approach. If we were to build your product, the experience starts when you step …

Practical Refactoring

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What They Can Tell Us that We Don’t Already Know 50+ practical agilists gathered at DevJam Studios on January 28th to preview a possible theme for Agile Day Twin Cities 2015: “What They Can Tell Us that We Don’t Already Know?” If you have never been to a Practical Agility gathering, they are topical conversations organized by DevJam but led …

Docker Jam Session

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Last Wednesday night dozens of curious minds entered DevJam’s basement to attend the bi-monthly Jam Session. DevJammer Joe Muraski led the session about MicroServices, Docker, and CoreOS. Joe and another DevJammer had built a mobile product for a large bank and described at length some of the challenges of deploying micro-services with Docker and CoreOS. Interesting questions and discussions from the fishbowl …

Adventures in Product Piracy

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Agile 2014 in Orlando was invaded by DevJam Product Pirates. Process mongers and project wonks were given a chance to learn more about product thinking and pragmatic design tools. We were, of course, kind to the casual traveler who simply wanted to learn more about ideas like story mapping and pragmatic personas.

DevJam at 2014 ADC West Conference

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The Twittersphere was abuzz June 1-6 with #bscadc and other talk of the 2014 Agile Development Conference West. DevJam was honored to have three coaches not only in attendance, but as participants. All three coaches taught sessions, and David Hussman was a featured keynote speaker. Sessions/Tutorials: Joel Tosi: “Improve Continuous Delivery through Continuous Questioning” Matt Barcomb (Kickoff speaker for the …

David Speaking at Agile Africa 2014

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David will be joining three other thought leaders as a featured speaker for Agile Africa, held in Johannesburg, South Africa on August 11 & 12. This two-day event was launched just last year. Stay tuned for more details as the date nears, or learn more HERE.

New Coach: Matt Barcomb

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Meet Our New Coach: Matt Barcomb All of us at DevJam are excited to have a new coach joining our team! Matt Barcomb is an Organizational Design specialist with a focus on software product development. He resides in Boston, MA. You can also follow him in the social realm at @mattbarcomb, or on LinkedIn. Matt is passionate about cultivating sustainably adaptive organizations, enjoys being out-of-doors, loves puns, and thrives …

David Hussman Keynoting at AgileIndy

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David joins Ellen Gottesdiener as one of the keynote speakers at the 2014 AgileIndy Conference, held on May 9th. Read about all the speakers coming to Indianapolis and register online at the AgileIndy site.

David Hussman Keynotes MinneBar 2014

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We were fortunate to be part of the excellent MinneBar unconference on April 12th, held at Best Buy. Walking the hallways and attending the sessions, I was once again blown away by the passion and skills that live and breath in Mpls and St Paul. Being the opening speaker (or chief discussion starter as I called it) was an honor …

Agile Day Orlando 2014

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David will be giving his talks, “Lessons in Gravity: Helping Good Ideas Reach Escape Velocity” and “How Often Are You Wrong? Challenging Product Arrogance with Customer Journeys and Story Maps” at this year’s Agile Conference in Orlando, Florida.

Agile Singapore Talk on InfoQ

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Click here to watch the talk This talk is some of what David is teaching and coaching around agile  / lean product development and design thinking. Topics covered are:  simple ideation, design targets, story mapping, customer journeys and more. NOTE: The audio starts out a bit weak but improves after the first five minutes of the talk.  

Registration Now Open for Agile Day Atlanta

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Register Now Building on our success with Agile Day Twin Cities and Agile Day Chicago, we are proud to help organize Agile Day Atlanta on April 30th in Atlanta GA. If you live in or near Atlanta or know someone who does, please let them know about this event. Along with great speakers like Mary Poppendieck, David Hussman, David Laribee and …