Who is your Perfect Product Match?

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Join us March 28th for our next Product Agility Session – Finding Mr./Ms. Right: Who is your Perfect Product Match? You know you need that perfect product person (a.k.a. product manager or product owner) to guide your team, but you aren’t sure who might be your ideal match. It can feel a little like dating, so let’s play matchmaker.  The …

Twin Cities Product Conf 2018

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Join us Monday, May 7th, at the Minnesota History Center, where we’ll be exploring the question: How Wrong Are You Willing To Be? For years, we struggled to GSD (get stuff done). This has changed in the recent past, and we are getting more done. Instead of worrying about progress, we need to start engaging more people in validating product …

Thomson Reuters Development Excellence: A Peek Inside The Dojo

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In our previous newsletter, we shared the story of how Thomson Reuters is working to transform product delivery teams using the dojo teaching method. The following will provide further insight into what actually happens inside the dojo. Each team spends a total of six weeks inside the dojo. However, their journey begins a week or two before. During Intake, the …

Jam Session – Deep Learning & Robotics

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Following our mid-February Jam Session, David Frenk kindly provided further resource material related to his brilliant presentation. Vito Carleone uses some basic C++ for the embedded programming and a lot of bash scripting for smoothing out the pipeline. I’ll be putting up that code (along with the deep learning code) on GitHub soon (by the end of March is the plan). The base robot kit actually …

Code Freeze 2018: Microservice Architectures

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Once again, we're teaming up with UMSEC to bring you Code Freeze, a one-day conference tailored to our software engineering community.  Join us Thursday, January 11th, for a day of keynotes, presentations, and conversations focused on microservice architectures. Head over to the Code Freeze 2018 site for more information on keynotes, breakout sessions, speakers, and schedule.     Register - Code ...

Thomson Reuters Development Excellence Dojo: The Journey Begins

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There’s a grand experiment in learning going on in the lower level of the Thomson Reuter’s Eagan campus. For context, last year, a group at Thomson Reuters was tasked with identifying best practices for software product development. They called themselves “Development Excellence”. Simply coming up with those best practices wasn’t enough. They also needed to develop a way to efficiently …

Hitting the Product Groove with SPS Commerce

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Have you ever felt like you are finally getting the flywheel spinning, hitting a groove, checking things off the list and getting pretty good at delivery? Have you even then wondered, where are we going? Is our backlog just a glorified to-do list? Are we building the right thing? How would we know? The SPS Commerce Agile Coaching team recently …

Value over Process: Contextual Agility at Bluebeam

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Bluebeam is a rapidly growing Pasadena-based software company constantly looking to improve. The leaders at Bluebeam understand that while their teams are doing well with the mechanics of iterative development, their recent growth has led to challenges that lie outside the iterative delivery cadence. Jason Cepeda, Orientation Program Manager, was tasked with finding a partner to help Bluebeam take the …

ChChChChChanges: The cPrime Purchase and More

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As you may or may not now know, I recently sold DevJam to cPrime. I’m staying with DevJam for the near term, but I’m stepping back from leading the day to day work so I can focus on publishing thoughts and ideas that have been banging around in my head for awhile. I’ll be working in Mpls but available for coaching …

Making the Move to Product

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Join us October 11th for the next Product Agility Session – Making the Move to Product: Avoiding the Landmines and Steering Towards Successful Patterns – which focuses on people and companies wanting to adopt “a product approach”. The talks will share experiences from companies in the Twin Cities and beyond, discussing experiences at digital product companies as well as companies trying …

Product Agility 0.2.0

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Product Agility 0.2.0It was nice to be in a room full of people sharing ideas and experience during the second Product Agility gathering. Where the first gathering addressed principles, or How We Think, this session was about practices, or How We Work. The evening was a mix of presentation, discussion and processing of the various practices outline on productagilty.org Feedback …

Cynefin Masterclass

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Dave Snowden, creator of the Cynefin framework, along with consultants from nuCognitive are offering a 2-day workshop on applying the Cynefin model in an agile world.  This course will guide attendees through some challenging questions – including how do you actually scale agile, how do we influence systems we do not own, and how we measure culture change. Agile Day …

There’s No Time Like Face Time: A 3-day Code Sprint with Boundless

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By: Hannah Bristol There’s something about face-to-face interaction with co-workers that can’t be matched through an email, Slack message, or video chat. Although we thrive as a distributed company, the times the Boundless team can get together in-person are invaluable, and the right environment is key to making use of that time. DevJam provided the Boundless team with a setting …

Experience Change Workshop

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Ahead of Agile Day Chicago, Mark Graban is offering his Experience Change Workshop at a discounted rate.  This hands-on, innovative workshop takes attendees through ‘a year of change’ in a one-day workshop. You will learn and apply change techniques while challenging your perception of what works. 

Kotlin: A JVM Language You Should Know

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Our September 6th Jam Session will focus on Kotlin, the JVM language that has recently overtaken Groovy on the TIOBE language popularity index. DevJammer, Tom Wadzinski has been following Kotlin for several years and has created Spring Boot and Android applications using Kotlin. Tom will be giving a fast-paced talk on Kotlin with live code examples. He will demonstrate the …

Agile Day Twin Cities 2017

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Riffing off the feedback from last year AntiFrAgile Day, sessions will focus on measurable impact supported by the pragmatic use of lightweight processes. The conference will be a dogma-free event, accelerating learning through story telling and intentional diversity. All conference profits will go to help people in Bolivia via Mano a Mano (manoamano.org). We’re looking for speakers for our local track. …

Agile Day Chicago 2017

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After five years, Agile Day Chicago is still growing and improving. This year we again lean toward an AntiFrAgile theme.  We’ve gathered international and national speakers to speak on complexity, product thinking, responsive engineering, and more. The morning sessions will once again spark lively open space discussions in the afternoon.  We are also proud to announce that all profits this …

Improving Data Warehousing with Pragmatic Agility

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To help Children’s Minnesota tap into a new way of thinking about data warehouse work, Kevin Burns worked with Laura Madsen to pragmatically use agile methods with her team. In Laura’s own word, “My goal was simple; I needed more repeatable and predictable ways to work. The team needed the ability to understand who was doing what and when they …

Better Microservices through Product Discovery

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As products, microservices can be messy and difficult to get right. Joel Tosi tackled the issue head on in his recent standing room only talk at Open Source North as he explored using product thinking, story mapping, and user journeys as a tool to help organizations better connect microservices to product domains. In Joel’s words, “With more companies building APIs now as …

Product Agility 2.0

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Riffing off the ideas from our last session, this Product Agility discussion will reference the principles but focus on the practices. From building product communities to continuously blending discovery and delivery, we will explore ideas and experiences as we work out how to learn to learn outside the code as well as live in production. Please show up ready to …

David Hussman at Agile 2017

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David Hussman will be speaking at the Agile2017 conference in Orlando, FL. David’s Stalwarts session, “Product Ownership, Planning & Learning: Growing Product Oriented Teams & Companies“, is scheduled for Wednesday, August 9th, at 10:45 am. For more information, including the schedule and how to register, please visit the Agile Alliance site.

David Hussman at AgileDev West

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David will be speaking Friday, June 9th, at the Agile Leadership Summit during AgileDev West in Las Vegas. His talk, Impact over Progress: Learning from Evidence over Following the Process, is scheduled from 8:45-10:15. For more information, including David’s abstract and how to register, click here.

Joel Tosi at Open Source North

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Join Joel Tosi on June 8th at Open Source North (OSN). Joel will be speaking on Visualizing Boundaries with Microservices. Tickets are limited, so make sure to get yours now!  You can find more information including tickets and schedule here.

Anne Steiner at Music City Agile

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May 31st, Anne will be speaking at Music City Agile. Her talk will be: Building the Wrong Thing Faster: Two Delivery Successes That Led to Product Failure. For more information about this event, please click here.

Virtual Reality

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April’s Jam Session (Wednesday the 5th) will be Virtual Reality 101 and Beyond.  Speakers will help attendees establish a solid understanding of virtual reality, augmented reality and their differences.  Virtual reality is more than just an advancement in technology for gamers; for more information, this evolving experience is beginning to improve the lives of anyone, from individuals with intense fears …

Product Conf 2017

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Product Chemistry – Making the Connections May 8, 2017 @ Minnesota History Center, St. Paul, MN Elevated user demands, heightened technical complexity and the expectation of rapid delivery are pulling product teams in opposite directions. More and more, product leaders are forced to unify these interests in the name of getting something out the door. During this year’s Product Conference, …

Blockchain & Ethereum

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Our next jam session will be about Blockchain and Ethereum. Join the discussion about an autonomous database in which no trusted authorities and central servers are needed! Lightning Talkers for the Evening David Duccini –Blockchain Technology: Bitcoins and Beyond – Digital Currencies got a boost in late 2008 when the mysterious and heretofore unknown “Satoshi Nakamoto” released the seminal whitepaper and …

MN Gov IT Symposium 2016

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In this session, attendees learned why Products and Platforms matter more than Programs, Projects and Processes. The session included hands-on exercises to challenge how we think and included concepts related to Lean, Agile, XP, Scrum and Kanban. A majority of attendees agreed that this session was useful to them and met their expectations.  They also said the keynote speaker, Kevin Burns, …

Docker Jam Session 12/7/16

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What a great evening! We hope to see you at one of our next events. Lightning Talkers for the Evening John Engelman–End-To-End Docker: Using Docker Based Tools to Build Continuous Delivery Platforms: Containers are the future and not just for deploying application code. Many tools have found success in creating extensible products where plugins are provided via Docker application containers. This …

The Uncertainty Movement

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I wonder if in many ways some of the process stuff gets a little bit too in the forefront, we lose sight that the idea is to figure out what we don’t know sooner. – David Hussman nfoQ recently posted an interview with David Hussman, where David speaks to how he’s seen the evolution of product thinking in software, and along that …

From CI to CD – Sometimes It’s the Simple Things

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Helping teams as a coach is sometimes as simple as making them aware of practices and techniques they don’t know, often because they’re too busy getting work done to stay current with newer practices and techniques. At times, even simple things can make their world a whole lot better. Helping a Team Reframe a Problem I recently had an experience where I was …

Mini Product Conf – July 8th

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This year’s Open Space will be replaced with a Mini Product Conf on July 8. Join us for lunch and 4 hours of discussions arond all things product. Three rounds of lightning talks followed by fishbowl discussions of the topics, provide a space to share your stories and experiences and learn from each other. Lightning Talks followed by a Fishbowl Discussion …

“When Will It Be Done?”

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Sometime last year, I started working with a Fortune 100 company on a large, distributed product development effort. There were many “refactoring opportunities” – a term a friend once used to describe my code. Like many large efforts spread across locations, there were many constraints. One day, towards the beginning of the engagement, we were pragmatically introducing agile practices and …

PhiloJam: Running For Good

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What if we all spent a little more of our energy doing good for the world? If you know anything about DevJam and our founder David Hussman you know we earnestly believe in giving back to the community. Giving to the community is not constrained to the Twin Cities technology scene and it is more than simply giving a few …

Tidings From the Cardboard Sherpa: A View From the Novice

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Welcome to the commencement of Tidings From the Sherpa, a blog to peak behind the curtains of CardBoard, what we’re working on and product information. Introductions first – me (Austin) the sherpa of CardBoard, our developer Matt, and our Sirdar (the lead sherpa) David Hussman. I handle most of the customer-facing aspects of CardBoard, like support and sales, and also some of the testing and …

Practical Agility May 4 – Automation, Automation, Automation: Your Next Best Investment

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Please RSVP What things are you thinking about positively or negatively, and why? If we shift the game from which process to which investment what would really make an impact for your product, company, or business. Join us on May 4th and let’s talk about automation investments rather than processes. Speakers Jeff Sussna Test automation is experiencing some unfortunate backlash. …

Feb Jam Session w/ Casey Rosenthal Recapitulated

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asey Rosenthal, engineering manager of Netflix’s Chaos and Traffic Teams, joined us via Google Hangout for our February Jam Session. (Our first two floor Jam Session!) Netflix’s core values of Freedom and Responsibility were on full display. The Chaos team’s very existence is a true paragon of those values. At the heart of Casey’s talk was Chaos and Intuitive Engineering. First Intuitive Engineering: …

How to Write Small, Valuable Stories

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The Problem Chances are you’ve been there. You’re planning a sprint with your team and you know the stories are too big to be completed within the sprint. You propose a way of breaking the stories down, only to be told your breakdown is no good because each story no longer has business value or customer benefit. Worse yet, you’re …

Jeff Sussna – Designing Delivery: Unifying DevOps and Design Thinking

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WHEN: Friday, May 20, 2016 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM (CDT) WHERE: DevJam – 818 West 46th Street Minneapolis, MN 55419 “Jeff’s workshops are legendary – he can seriously accelerate your transformation!“ -Patrick Debois, founder of the DevOps movement “Such a valuable session with Jeff Sussna today. We had Support, Dev, Infra, UX, Product, Training attend. Recommend!” -Richard Seroter, VP of …

Jam Session April 6 – Ward Cunningham, Unbounded Creativity

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Please RSVP When: 5:30PM Wednesday, April 6, 2016 Where: DevJam Studios Basement 818 W 46th St Minneapolis, MN 55419 Building on the success of our last Jam Session with Casey Rosenthal, Ward Cunningham will be videoing in to give his talk Unbounded Creativity: the antidote to lean, followed by a community fishbowl discussion. Ward Cunningham – Unbounded Creativity: The Antidote to Lean Abstract: We describe our approach …

From CI to CD – What about architecture?

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Product architecture is not a fixed thing but rather a spectrum of decisions.  Key aspects of your product are costly to change and you need to get them more right early on.  Having expensive decisions ’emerge’ would be dangerous.  Other aspects you might not know well enough and you need the flexibility of emergent design. Coaching teams, I commonly come …

Practical Agility March 2 – David Hussman, Product Over Process

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When: 5:30PM Wednesday, March 2, 2016 Where: DevJam Studios Basement 818 W 46th St Minneapolis, MN 55419 Join us for our next Practical Agility where David Hussman will give his talk Product Over Process, followed by a community fishbowl discussion. David Hussman – Product Over Process Description: If you are weary of process or a longtime practitioner looking for something more, this session may have …

CodeFreeze 2016 Recapped

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We were proud to once again co-chair CodeFreeze with the University of Minnesota’s Software Engineering Center. This year’s theme was Disruptive Innovation. Ray Arell With that theme in mind Ray Arell, Intel’s Director of Emergent Systems and Coaching, began the morning’s discussion with his talk Accelerating from Opportunities to High Value Solutions. Ray believes companies have “fallen trap to the …

DevJam’s Lead Climber David Hussman Talks DevJam, Geekery, & Gaming

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Philip Coler recently interviewed DevJam’s lead climber David Hussman for Twin Cities Geek. Below is the full interview. (It can also be found here.) Philip Coler (TCG): Can you give a brief description of DevJam for those who don’t know what it is? David Hussman: DevJam does four things: we build products for other people, we have people out at client …