Hitting the Product Groove with SPS Commerce

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Have you ever felt like you are finally getting the flywheel spinning, hitting a groove, checking things off the list and getting pretty good at delivery? Have you even then wondered, where are we going? Is our backlog just a glorified to-do list? Are we building the right thing? How would we know? The SPS Commerce Agile Coaching team recently …

Cynefin Masterclass

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Dave Snowden, creator of the Cynefin framework, along with consultants from nuCognitive are offering a 2-day workshop on applying the Cynefin model in an agile world.  This course will guide attendees through some challenging questions – including how do you actually scale agile, how do we influence systems we do not own, and how we measure culture change. Agile Day …

Experience Change Workshop

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Ahead of Agile Day Chicago, Mark Graban is offering his Experience Change Workshop at a discounted rate.  This hands-on, innovative workshop takes attendees through ‘a year of change’ in a one-day workshop. You will learn and apply change techniques while challenging your perception of what works.