Better Microservices through Product Discovery

Mandy Simpson DevJam News

As products, microservices can be messy and difficult to get right. Joel Tosi tackled the issue head on in his recent standing room only talk at Open Source North as he explored using product thinking, story mapping, and user journeys as a tool to help organizations better connect microservices to product domains.

In Joel’s words, “With more companies building APIs now as products, teams commonly face conflicting responsibilities that lead to messy APIs. I created this session to show that visual tools and conversations can help keep microservices clean with intentional boundaries that hopefully remove some of our implied technical bias.”

Knowing that people learn well by doing, Joel took the time to walk the attendees through a story mapping session and came up with a few different customer journeys to visualize how these might map to a meaningful collection of microservices.

To learn more about using product discovery tools like story mapping as guides to help your organization develop clean microservices, ping us here.