Dude’s Law, Don Reinertsen and Walmart

David Hussman Coaching, News

From the fine coaching staff at Walmart comes an interesting blend of Dude’s Law and Don Rienertsen‘s more well thought out ideas.

I sat in on this session at Agile 2014, thoroughly enjoying the content and the presentation style and skills. For more information on the presentation, you can read Mike’s post. You can also check out Don’s site for more on his work, but you’ll have to trust my experience from the session.

Walking around a conference where the word “coach” seemed to mean as much as “Java expert” did in 2002, it was nice to experience a presentation with content and intent. In my 90 minute tour, I found that Mike and Todd had real coaching experience as well as real teaching experience, teaching being one of many essential coaching skills. They lead and listened in earnest and they were intentionally inquisitive around the amount the audience was learning.

My only question from the session was around the title: Practical Application of Dude’s Law: The Value Estimation Game. I get the Value Estimation Game part, but I wonder how anyone might use Dude’s Law in a non-practical way. I suppose some Nihilists might find a way to do this, but I tend to avoid Nihilists as they are so filled with “nossing”.