Tidings From the Cardboard Sherpa: A View From the Novice

Andy McGrath DevJam News

Welcome to the commencement of Tidings From the Sherpa, a blog to peak behind the curtains of CardBoard, what we’re working on and product information. Introductions first – me (Austin) the sherpa of CardBoard, our developer Matt, and our Sirdar (the lead sherpa) David Hussman.

I handle most of the customer-facing aspects of CardBoard, like support and sales, and also some of the testing and marketing of the app. (If you ever run into a bug or have a question I encourage you to reach out to me at support [at] cardboardit.com)

When I started at DevJam I first worked on CardBoard as an exploratory tester, someone who goes into the app and looks at the user experience for rough edges that we can polish and tries to break things and validate that new CardBoard experiences and fixes are working as expected. From there I became more involved in the marketing, sales, and support of our app.

Being involved with CardBoard I’ve learned a lot about product-thinking and agile. It all feels like a new language, a new perspective. I once overheard David say, “Whenever you hear agile, think visibility.” That’s what we aim to do in providing a story mapping tool that will increase team visibility when it’s not so easy to across the vast distances between remote working teams. I come back to Jeff Patton’s idea, too, that a key cornerstone of story mapping is shared understanding.

We believe all of this and want CardBoard’s development to be a paragon of them.

Throughout this blog series we’ll show you how that’s the case in our discovery, our planning, and our delivery, and share CardBoard insights that can make your discovery and planning more effective too.

Coming Up on Tidings From the Sherpa

Last year we were stoked from the feedback we got a Agile 2015 and then to be featured on ProductHunt. We were recently approached to potentially attend the Pioneer’s Festival an event in Vienna featuring promising tech startups…. and correlations between sleep, JS errors, and golf scores.