Jeff Sussna – Designing Delivery: Unifying DevOps and Design Thinking

Andy McGrath DevJam News

WHEN: Friday

WHERE: DevJam – 818 West 46th Street Minneapolis, MN 55419


Jeff’s workshops are legendary – he can seriously accelerate your transformation!

-Patrick Debois, founder of the DevOps movement

Such a valuable session with Jeff Sussna today. We had Support, Dev, Infra, UX, Product, Training attend. Recommend!

-Richard Seroter, VP of Product with a major public cloud provider

To succeed in the digital service economy, companies don’€™t just need new methods; they also need new ways of thinking. We need to shift our focus from making things to helping customers achieve their goals. To do that, we need to transform our operating models from linear, efficient assembly lines to resilient, responsive feedback systems. Practices such as Agile, LeanUX, DevOps, and Design Thinking can help us deliver better customer experiences more quickly and efficiently, but only if we understand how to use them effectively.

This workshop introduces a new approach to digital service quality that unifies design and operations into a continuous, customer-centered learning loop. IT organizations and digital businesses can use this approach to increase speed, responsiveness, and value. The workshop teaches participants how to leverage user-centered agile methodologies to create service delivery organizations that achieve both customer satisfaction and operational effectiveness.

Through talks, discussions, and guided exercises, participants learn practical techniques for:

  • designing systems and services that address the full range of customers’ needs
  • maximizing speed and responsiveness throughout the organization
  • achieving resilience and quality in the face of complexity and uncertainty
  • effectively adopting new methodologies across disciplines and teams

Who should attend:

Product, design, and IT leaders and influencers who need to continuously deliver value in environments characterized by complexity, uncertainty, and disruption.

Jeff’s teaching has been well-received by public groups and enterprise clients across the United States and Europe. Individual participants and teams across the product-design-development-operations spectrum have benefited from using the concepts and tools in this workshop to improve mutual understanding and collaboration.

Admission includes light breakfast, coffee/snack breaks. Each participant will also receive a free copy of Jeff’s book “Designing Delivery: Rethinking IT In the Digital Service Economy.”