Agile Day Chicago – Schedule and Session Information

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**Note – Schedule is subject to change Eventbrite - Agile Day Chicago 2015

While all tracks and sessions are designed to be consumable by any role or skill, each track is coordinated with an overarching theme that may appeal to certain individuals more.

Check out below for overall tracks, sessions, and whom titles may appeal more to.  Deeper overviews on sessions are available here

WHAT: Move beyond simple process and challenge how we think about agile usage.

WHO: ScrumMasters, Coaches, Managers, and people on the delivery side may find more value here

HOW: Sessions include:

  • Dion Stewart – Lessons from Phil Jackson about Process
  • Doc Norton – The Experimentation Mindset
  • Alex Harms – Feedback & Challenging Conversations
WHAT: Visual and conversation tools to help you drive outcomes

WHO: UX, UI, Business Analysts, Product Owners as well as Managers may find more value here

HOW: Sessions Include

  • David Hussman – Product Thinking
  • Stephen Wendel – Don’t Trust What Your Users Say (See How They React)
  • Jeremy Kriegel – Consensus that ‘Sticks’
WHAT: Discussions and practices to drive environments that are safe for product learning

WHO: Developers, Testers, and ScrumMasters may find more value here

HOW: Sessions Include:

  • David Laribee – The Liberal Arts Programmer
  • Joel Tosi – From Test Automation to Test Driven
  • Liz Odar & Rajesh Nerlikar – Driving Product Development with User Research
WHAT: Change adoption and strategies synchronizing large products across teams

WHO: Executives, Portfolio Leaders, and Product Managers/ Owners may find more value here

HOW: Sessions Include:

  • Jason Little – Culture Follows Structure
  • Aaron Sanders – Build the Right Product with Dual Track Scrum
  • Jason Stipp – Bridging the Last Divides: Keeping Design, Dev, and Product in Sync

A tentative schedule (yes, subject to change) is available here