October Jam Session: Rust and Elixir

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Topic: Rust and Elixir
Tuesday, October 6, 2015 at 5:30PM

DavJam will host Dan Callahan, a senior software engineer from Mozilla, and Ted Naleid, a lead developer at Crelow, for our bimonthly by-the-community-for-the-community Jam Session.

Dan focuses on the Firefox Developer Tools, Firefox OS, and Mozilla Research projects like Rust and Servo. Before joining Developer Relations, Dan worked on the Persona authentication project. He will lead us to better understand the value of Rust.

Come hear Ted talk about Elixir, a dynamic, functional language that blends the best parts of Erlang and Ruby (plus a little Clojure).  Elixir will help you build server-side applications that are faster, more reliable, and more maintainable than whatever you’re using now. 


5:30-6:15 — Food, drink, merry conversation

6:15-7:00 — Presentation

7:00-8:00 — Fishbowl Discussion

8:30 —Time to say goodbye ’til next time