Agile2015 – Example Driven Design: Creating Story Maps With Examples

Andy McGrath News

We’re still reeling from the fest that was Agile2015. One of our many highlights was David Hussman’s talk Example Driven Design: Creating Story Maps With ExamplesIf you missed the talk or want to re-visit the ideas, the slides can be found here.

Curious about what we used to story map during the David’s talk at Agile2015? We used a little app we’re developing in-house called CardBoard. Feel free to reach out to us at DevJam if you have questions about it.

If you’re looking for more information on story maps and general doses of pragmatism, we invite you to explore our coach Dion’s take on the story mapping metaphor, or this short interview with David Hussman about the evolution and future of product thinking.

Thank you to all those who attended David’s talk and those who stopped by our booth for pop rocks and product discussions. We feel deeply appreciative of the general bonheur we experienced during the week.