Agile Day Chicago – Workshops

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DevJam is proud to offer these one-day workshops with our friends.  All workshops are $299 unless noted.  Separate registration for Agile Day Chicago ($99) required.

What You Will Learn
This one day workshop introduces participants to several software development techniques guaranteed to help improve your software’s design and overall quality. Participants will be introduced to test driven design (TDD), refactoring, and test double usage. A series of hands-on exercises are used to reinforce the concepts presented, allowing participants to try the new development techniques first hand.

What We Will Cover
This workshop not only teaches the principles of test driven development and refactoring but does so using real world examples. Through content discussion and exercises that explore Test Driven Development and refactoring, attendees learn not only how to write tests but most importantly:
– How to create valuable tests from stories
– Using tests as means to make code testable, internally and externally
– Principles of refactoring and how tests make those refactorings simpler and safer
– Managing external dependencies, whether they are library, service, or team – using mocks and test doubles

Who Should Attend
While this courses is primarily focused on developers and software engineers, the topics are open to testers or software managers who want to better understand Test Driven Practices. If attendees are not comfortable coding, they can still drive tests with developers as all exercises are done in pairs.

Eventbrite - Dave Laribee - TDD with MEAN Stack

We know how important individuals, interactions, and collaboration are to agility. The key to really unlocking their value is in how they are facilitated.

You Will Learn:


In this workshop, you’ll learn what you can do to help improve your team’s collaboration and decision making. Each technique you will practice is designed to be deployed as needed, with little to no prep, to solve immediate problems.

You’ll learn how to use sketching to communicate your ideas quickly, even if you think you can’t draw. Then you’ll learn how to use sketching to facilitate a conversation with your team, and finally, how to engage them in sketching to really draw out ideas and iterate quickly.

The second visual facilitation technique is affinity mapping. This will help you gather and organize ideas in a highly democratic and inclusive way. You may have done affinity mapping before, but in this workshop, we will break it down

This workshop consists primarily of interactive exercises that give you experience using the different techniques so you feel confident going back to your team the next day and incorporating them immediately.

Who Should Attend:


Product Owners, Product Managers, Business AnalystS, Project Managers, Systems Architects, Lead developers, UX Designers, Scrum Masters, Coaches, and anyone else who can help move a team forward.

Experience in Agile methods is not required.

Eventbrite - Jeremy Kriegel - Better Collaboration Through Visual Facilitation

There are a wide range of views regarding what it takes to become successful with Agile. Some believe it’s all about the Agile Mindset, while others believe it’s all about changing culture, or adopting the right framework or set of tools. The last decade of Version One’s Agile surveys show that ‘failure to change the organizations culture’ and ‘general resistance to change’ as being the top 2 reasons why Agile fails. These are not Agile problems. These are organizational change challenges that appear once teams start to bump up against the organizational boundaries. This workshop is designed to help you take ideas, and painful lessons learned, from change management and organizational development communities in order to build an approach to change that is more well suited for the organization you’re working in.

Learning objectives:
– how to create your own change framework, that is tailored to your environment.
– how to cope with the rapid pace of change in today’s organizations
– how to co-create change by involving the people affected by the change into the design of the change

– Agile practitioners and coaches who are looking for new ideas to help with Agile transformations
– Change management practitioners who are looking for how to use Agile methods in their change programs
– Executives and managers who are tasked with transforming their organization

Eventbrite - Jason Little - Organizational Change Skills for Agile Practitioners