Agile Day Chicago 2015 – Speakers and Presentations

Andy McGrath News, Practical Agility

David leads DevJam Studios, a creative production house in Minneapolis composed of producers, makers and coaches working in small and large companies around the world. As mentors and practitioners, DevJammers focus on using agile methods to help people and companies improve their product learning through faster deliver cycles and responsive engineering. DevJam success comes from pragmatically blending technology, people, and processes to more quickly validate product ideas and investments.

David’s session From Progress to Product is in the Design Thinking track

Coaching people to enjoy working in collaborative, learning environments excites Aaron.  Especially in pursuit of building lovable products. People ask him to train, consult, mentor and facilitate teams to better use a set of Agile discovery and development concepts, tools, methods and practices. The whole set gets absorbed through interactive training, applied in context. And it usually takes more practice for it all to sink in.

Aaron’s session Orchestrating Product Thinking Across Teams is in the Leading Products at Scale track

Michael “Doc” Norton is CEO of CTO2, a process and leadership consultancy. Once a dedicated code slinger, Doc has turned his energy toward helping teams, departments, and companies work better together in the pursuit of better software.

An agile practitioner and coach since 1999, Doc declares expertise in no single language or methodology and is immediately suspicious of anyone who declares such expertise.

Doc’s session The Experimentation Mindset is in the Rethinking Process track

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Jason began his career as a web developer when Cold Fusion roamed the earth. Over the following years, he moved into into management, Agile Coaching and consulting. The bumps and bruises collected along the way brought him to the realization that helping organizations adopt Agile practices was less about the practices, and all about change.

Jason’s session Culture Follows Structure is in the Leading Products at Scale track

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User Experience practitioner with 15+ years experience focusing on the balance of usability, technology, resources, and client management to ensure product success. Goal is to surround my self with brilliant people and work together to solve problems.

Speaker on agile & UX –

Jeremy’s session Sketch U Can! is in the Design Thinking  track

Alex helps teams to thrive by encouraging mindfulness, and facilitating toward trust and openness. The result is improved communication, better technical decisions, and renewed joy in their working environment and codebase.
Twitter: @onealexharms

Alex’s session Feedback & Challenging Conversations is in the Rethinking Process track

You can watch Alex’s session on YouTube here

David Laribee is a product development coach with deep roots in Lean, Agile, XP and Scrum. He believes in the power of collaboration, simplicity and feedback.

Over the last 18 years, has built teams and products for companies of all shapes and sizes. He’s founded companies and consulted for Fortune 50 enterprises and developed software-intensive products for all kinds of domains – from technology to insurance to beverage distribution to higher education.

David’s session The Liberal Arts Programmer is in the Learning Driven Delivery track

Dion is a software developer and agile coach. He was first exposed to the values, principles, and practices that were eventually codified into the Extreme Programming methodology as a Smalltalk developer in the late 1990s.He’s studied Scrum with Ken Schwaber, Lean Software Development with Tom and Mary Poppendieck, and complexity theory and sensemaking with Dave Snowden. For the past 15 years, he’s been helping teams and organizations adopt agile and lean software development and product planning practices.

Dion’s session Process Lessons Learned from Phil Jackson is in the Rethinking Process track

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Joel is a hands-on collaborator and community builder. He has collaborated with large and small organizations on ways to improve their product delivery and their organization’s culture. These engagements have spanned DevOps, Agile, XP, Lean, and Scrum coaching – as well as facilitating innovation workshops. A large proponent of open source software and solutions, Joel is always looking to provide the right solution, which isn’t necessarily always the expected solution.

Joel’s session From Test Automation to Test Driven is in the Learning Driven Delivery track

Download Joel’s session here – Test Automation To Test Driven

Stephen is a behavioral scientist who studies how digital products can help people change daily routines and behavior. He is the Head of Behavioral Science at Morningstar, where he leads a team of behavioral scientists and practitioners to conduct original research on savings and spending.   He’s authored two books on applied behavioral economics,  Designing for Behavior Change and Improving Employee Benefits, and runs the non-profit Action Design Network, hosting monthly events in six cities for over 5000 practitioners applying behavioral research to product development.

Stephen’s session Don’t Trust What Your Users Say (See How They React) is in the Design Thinking Track

Download Stephen’s session here

Liz Odar leads User Research for HelloWallet. She contributes to the company’s Product & UX strategy with regular user insights through in-person and remote testing, field interviews, rapid prototyping, competitor evaluations, diary studies, and more. With a Masters in Cognitive Psychology and 12 years of expertise, her dedication to creating great digital experiences has armed teams with tools and knowledge to reflect on and constantly improve their products and design.

Rajesh Nerlikar is the Director of Workplace Products at Morningstar, where he manages a suite of products designed for employers to help employees reach their financial goals – from building emergency savings to paying off debt to retiring comfortably. His career path started technical with an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Texas at Austin and as a Java software engineer / architect in Accenture’s government practice. After attending business school at the University of Michigan, he started his own company to help people understand how their energy usage at home compared to others and later joined Opower, a startup in the residential energy efficiency space. From Opower, he spent 2.5 years at HelloWallet in DC before moving to Chicago this summer with his wife, son and dog.

Liz & Rajesh’s session Driving Product Development with User Research is in the Learning Driven Delivery track

Download Liz & Rajesh’s session here

Jason Stipp is site editor for He leads new product development and a global team of 15 editors and authors responsible for the overall editorial direction and daily user experience on Morningstar’s flagship websites for individual investors. He joined Morningstar in July 2002 and led the editing team in Morningstar’s Research department prior to assuming his current role. He received a bachelor’s of science in journalism degree from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.

Jason’s session Bridging the Last Divides: Keeping Design, Dev, and Product in Sync is in the Leading Products at Scale track

Download Jason’s session here – Crossover Sprint