Open Space Twin Cities 2015

Andy McGrath News, Practical Agility

When: JULY 10th, 201542358a47-40e6-43ab-b4c3-bba4fa01847d1-e1432744208260

             12:30PM – 4:00PM-ish

Where: Symantec

              2815 Cleveland Ave N

              Roseville, MN 55113

Open Space is a community event held in place of our July Practical Agility Session. The Open Space vibe is simple: Start participant-fueled discussions that yield helpful tools and challenge the status quo. The format is simple, too:

  • People suggest topics
  • The topics are organized by location and time slots
  • Concurrent discussions roll through the afternoon, starting and stopping across the defined time slots
  • The Open Space ends with a collective sharing of things people learned, and an invitation to pose questions or topics for future Jam Sessions.

Boxed lunch will be served before we start, and an informal closing continues in the area for anyone who wants to linger into the evening after.