DevJam coach Joel Tosi to Speak at StarEast

Andy McGrath News

StarEast, The Quest to Test, is a conference for all types of software testers and quality assurance professionals, which will be held May 3rd – 8th in Orlando, Florida.

Our coach Joel Tosi will be there to speak about test management. His talk is titled, ” Stop Maintaining Multiple Test Environments.”

Here’s the description: “Today, most of us struggle with non-production environments. Either the test data is not right or consistent, the dependencies are mismanaged, or “They just aren’t quite like production.”  Instead of striving for simpler environments, most organizations add test environments―pre-prod, UAT, stage, QAB, and so on. And they end up spending more and more time troubleshooting and maintaining environments rather than building and learning. It does not have to be this way. Joel Tosi shares his experience working with many large organizations in paths that start with DevOps and continuous delivery yet ultimately lead to the need to simplify test environments. Using simple examples and communication, Joel explains how teams should stop pushing applications through environments but rather pull them through tests. Leave with a fresh perspective on how you can simplify your testing strategies and ultimately stop creating and maintaining separate test environments.”

More information about Joel and the talk can be found here.