David Hussman to Speak at dsmAgile

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David Hussman will give the talk How to Build the Wrong Thing Faster and Learn From It at the-already-sold-out dsmAgile in downtown Des Moines, IA on April 10th at the Hy-Vee Hall events center.

Here’s the talk description: “For years we’ve worked hard at software development. As teams establish better flow in software development, refactoring language, not just code, presents itself as a meaningful evolution. Where flow lives, could  ‘software development’ be refactored to ‘product development’? The brave pioneers that are already doing this (and there are more each day) are learning that building the product is much less clear than simply getting work done. The land of product development is filled with holes or ambiguity and laced with land mines of wrongness. Ideas that you are certain about often fizzle or change when you watch someone interact with your product. Being overly certain or overly focusing on ‘just getting work done’ are weak weapons in a place where being wrong, and learning from it, is a vital part of finding your way to success.

Instead of talking about ‘why you should do agile,’ let’s explore ‘why you should think in product,’ assuming you are using some agile practices. Our journey will explore the messy, sloppy and non-linear aspects or product development. Along the way, we’ll investigate how software construction is important but courageously failing and learning in product is essential. We’ll look at how teams are producing more real product value with less code. We will also peer into the world of program level development, where collections of teams produce product without injecting incidental complexity by employing what you might call ‘test driven product.’

Who knows, toward the end of the journey, we might even rally to refactor the agile manifesto to read ‘Learning in Product over Simply Getting Things Done.’”

Conference information and registration (now a wait list) can be found here.

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