DevJamU 2013 & Beyond: A Learning Odyssey

David Hussman News

2013 was a great year for classes at DevJamU. We experimented with a myriad of different course topics and got some great feedback from attendees as well as the teachers themselves.

We closed out the year with Testing Week, taught by DevJam’s Joel Tosi and Chris Bartling, covering a range of testing topics: Test Driven Development, Behavior Driven Development and Javascript.

DevJamU also had some rad guest teachers who brought their skills to share with our community, including Jeff Patton (Passionate Product Ownership), Mike Nygard (Intro to Datomic) and Dave Snowden (Intro to Cynefin Framework and Making Sense of Sense-Making in Software Development).

What’s Next For DevJamU: You Tell Us!

In addition to some classes we’re ramping up for in 2014, tell us what you’d love to see at DevJamU! Miss out on the Javascript class? Want to learn more about product discovery and development? Drop us a note and let us know what you’d love to learn here.