Producing Product Developers – Agile 2013

David Hussman Practical Agility


David Hussman


Beyond Scrum Masters and Software Engineers lies the land of Product Developers. Product developers have the skills to produce and the tenacity to ensure their product is meaningful. So how do you do produce product developers, and what coaching tools can you take back to your company that you can immediately apply?

This session applies years of coaching experience to teach tools for producing teams who produce. The context is your team and your product. The format will challenged you to examine how you work today and how you can coach your team toward product development and product learning. The tools will be tangible, applicable and concrete.

Starting from product ideation and team formation and going well into product delivery and product learning, the session will cover a wide range of material. Your only preparation is a list of questions you want answered and an open mind ready to think, critique and absorb.

Speaker Bio

David Hussman teaches and coaches agility in companies of all sizes all over the world. For more than 10 years, David has evolved the successful adoption and use of agile methods in medical, retail, legal, education, health care, control systems, digital audio, financial and more. Sometimes he is pairing with developers and testers, while other times he is helping product manager create product roadmaps. David believes in helping companies design processes that help them instead of simply teaching them a process to follow. Along with short term loans bad credit 12 months and with design and delivery teams, David works with leader and executives to promote the use of agile methods to attack the real challenges of their specific industry.