Easing the PMO Past Water-Scrum-Fall – Agile 2013

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Andy Powell


Is your PMO leading the agile transformation?  For most organizations, the answer is no and the transformation is viewed as a developer-centric initiative.  As development pushes to create more change, the natural conflict between the PMO and development intensifies, collaboration fades, and the agile initiative stalls.  At VersionOne, we’ve seen this pattern happen over and over again as organizations attempt to integrate VersionOne with their Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions.  Getting the PMO to embrace as holistic agile vision, starts with having empathy for their goals.  During this presentation, you’ll learn how to find the common ground between development and the PMO, so you can accelerate your agile adoption.  You’ll leave with a better answer to questions such as:

  • Do we really need to track time?
  • How does resource planning change?
  • Should we normalize story points?

Speaker Bio

Andy Powell is the VP of Customer Experience and Product Evangelist for VersionOne Software. In his role, Andy represents the voice of the customer within VersionOne.  During his 13 year career in the software development industry, Andy has assisted in numerous 500+ person agile tools rollouts with companies such as Siemens, Adobe, EMC and Sabre.  Recently, Andy has lead VersionOne’s PPM Integration Research. He also leads VersionOne’s Trial Success team, which uses data-driven techniques to optimize the trial experience for new VersionOne users.