Continuous Delivery Through Continuous Questioning – Agile 2013

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Joel Tosi


Continuous Delivery can be a substantial competitive advantage.  However, like all good ideas and concepts, if we turn off our thinking and just look to be the process, we will never truly realize the benefit.

In this session we will look at current delivery structures and how those can be morphed into continuous delivery.  Along this journey, we will question how do we know if we are doing the right thing?  Are we investing just to invest or is there a reason for our investment? Are we investing too much?   How do we strike a balance between continuous delivery, continuous learning, and proper spend?

Bring your questions and skepticism, let’s explore this space together.  Walk away with an understanding of how to start investing in automation, when to question your tests, and learn simple ways to inspect if you are investing in learning or investing in lines of tests.

Speaker Bio

Joel is a hands-on collaborator and community builder.  In his current role and in the past, he has collaborated with large and small organizations on ways to improve their product delivery and their organization culture. These engagements have spanned infrastructure and DevOps, agile / XP / lean / SCRUM coaching, as well as facilitating innovation workshops.

Joel is a public speaker, presenting at a few conferences a year as well as quite a few user groups throughout the central US. Additionally, Joel has organized and facilitated the Simple Design and Test Conference two times.



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