Agile’s Dirty Secret – Agile 2013

David Hussman Practical Agility


Tim Gifford


Want to know a secret? Like all other teams, Agile teams have problems too.

I’ve worked with teams that spent more time fixing broken automated tests than delivering new features; teams that broke work down to such a fine detail that they had trouble composing it into a usable feature; and teams that had reliably delivered more points than planned, but rarely had software to demonstrate it.

I’ve seen business people surrender a product backlog to a confident engineering team with an arsenal of unlikely corner cases, and I’ve worked with managers who struggled with leading a “self managed team.” I’ll share these stories, the steps we used to improve them and what we learned from those experiences.

Speaker Bio

After years of striving to improve requirements, technical specifications and the accuracy of his estimates, Tim Gifford discovered better ways to deliver software. And in 2004, he began teaching others about the agile mindset.

Tim teaches the nuances of creating executable business requirements that validate software and nearly eliminate defects. He’s trained teams in both the United States and India on how to automate tests and deployments to reduce the time to market, minimize support and maximize new features.

Tim is a proud Iowan who grew up in Marshalltown and graduated from Iowa State University with a major in Management Information System and a minor in Computer Science. He volunteers his time to local technology groups and as a founder of Agile Iowa, he mentored other teams on how to be successful at delivering software.

He enjoys cooking and spending time with this wife and their three children. Tim is a consummate learner and after putting the kids to bed at night, heenjoys listening to podcasts, reading books and learning new ideas that challenge traditional thinking.

His current interest is in building a community of agilists at