One part teaching and four parts doing

DevJam coaches draw on ten plus years of experience coaching small and large companies around the world. We value doing over talking. Our coaches tend to teach a bit and then coach a lot, sitting with people and working with them on their unique opportunities and challenges. We our proud to say our coaches value doing over certifying, or learning in context over training in classrooms.
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If you are new to agile methods …

We consistently help teams and companies adopt lasting and measurable agility. Our outcome based approach guides teams, programs and companies to the least amount of process that provides the greatest amount of real value early. We start each engagement by learning about how you are working today before we suggest how you can work better in the future.
For more information, check out Adapting and Adopting Agility or Contact us about coaching

If you’re experienced with agile methods …

We have helped many companies take their agility to the next level. After a short set of interviews, we will suggest coaching where it is needed, guiding you towards the least amount of process that helps you produce the most real value. Example of what we might suggest include:
Product Thinking and Lean UX / Design
Architectural Agility and Systems Thinking
Program and Portfolio Measuring and Learning
Growing Coaching and Leadership
Tuning Existing Practices and Introducing New Practices
For more information, check out Scaling Agility or Contact us about coaching

If you’re weary of dictatorial Scrum Masters …

DevJam coaches are GDF (Guaranteed Dogma Free). Instead of simply focusing on “doing the process”, our coaches focus on learning from delivery and producing the evidence needed to tune and improve within teams, across teams, and people who are outside teams.

Add Some Pragmatism to Your Agility

Contact a DevJam coach about introducing or augmenting your agiltiy.

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Our Coaching Goals

Help teams learn to learn from continuous delivery
Foster continuous customer and product learning
Ensure teams focus on sustainable and responsive environments
Create product teams learning to collaboratively produce
Combine team success into program power that feeds portfolio goals