More doing, less telling, our coaching is pragmatic, outcome based and interactive

Discovery and Delivery

Blending product discovery and delivery, we promote customer development / continuous product learning with antifragile technology eco-systems

Tools We Use

Collaborative framing, pragmatic personas, story mapping, customer journeys, validation measures, continuous delivery, test driven, stand up meetings, retrospectives and more.

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Developing Coaches

Introducing and growing lasting coaching and skilled coaches at companies large and small companies around the world and across industries and domains

Introducing and Augmenting Lasting SKills

On site teaching and mentoring working to grow your staff with courses, workshops and dojos to teach your staff coaching skills in your context.

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Scaling Product Agility

We pragmatically coach product learning for programs and portfolios using the least amount of process w/ the most real, measurable value

Pragmatic Cross Team Coaching

Scaled coaching start with assessment interviews. Talking with your staff helps us create pragmatic coaching plans composed of 1) self-directed change, 2) educational suggestions and 3) on site and remote coaching of teams, leaders and organizations.

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Publications and Presentations

Publications, presentations and on line learning videos that cover topics from agility to product mindset to Dudes Law to Continuous Delivery and DevOps

Vids, Pubs and All Things Dude

From conference presentations to on line publications, our experiences and Ideas are ready for your consumption.

Coachng News / Events

Discovery Coaching

DevJam Product coaches help teams adopt a product and services mindset by teaching tools for learning upstream from delivery. Practices include discovery cadence, collaborative framing, personas, customer interviews, story mapping, customer journeys, and more.

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Delivery Coaching

Delivery coaching helps teams build and learn fast in collaborative and safe environments. We’re doing one on one mentoring in continuous delivery / DevOps right along side pragmatic planning, measurement, tracking, validation and learning practices. We’ve been successfully coaching delivery across companies for over 15 years.

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Our coaches speak and teach from experience, not from text books.

Developing Coaches

Successful, long-term adoption of product agility requires people within the organization to lead and help others adopt product agility values and practices. DevJam coaches intentionally identify and develop internal coaches for each engagement. Development takes the form of formal coursework, individual mentoring and more. We won’t leave you high and dry when your coaching engagement with us is complete.

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Scaling Product Learning

Scaling is the ability to deliver products or platforms that require coordinated delivery across multiple delivery teams. Whether it’s a single product delivered by multiple teams, a platform delivered by multiple teams, or a suite of products delivered by multiple teams in different configurations for different clients, our coaches have been there and done that. We’ve been scaling agility for years. We know how to apply product agility at scale and can help you correct common pitfalls like long testing cycles and product design problems at the end of release trains.

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