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Product Discovery Services

Frostory mapm our immersive courses and workshops to time spent building backlogs and road maps with story mapping and story splitting, DevJam coaches get product design, discovery and development. You can investigate our Agile Product Design course or contact us directly to learn how we might help your product owner, product managers or designers

Product Delivery Services

course imageFrom small teams to large programs, we’ve learned how to teach and coach the least amount of process that produces the most real and measurable product. We are less concerned about the specific process so we stay focused on evidence that helps people learn. If you are looking for more information, check out our Adapting and Adopting Agility course or contact us directly to learn how can help with lean processes, cross team delivery at the program and portfolio levels all the way up to the leadership and executive level.

We've been pragmatically scaling agility for years

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Adapting and Adopting Agility

Fplanning game_vueor people and teams new to agile methods, our Adapting and Adopting course teaches the practices and principles that we know to work and not just what’s popular. All students practice collaborative story writing, story mapping, sizing, planning and scheduling. Teams work together to design and plan a road map for a product before experiencing a stand up meeting and diving into the realities of working together to produce, measure and learn. We often follow this course with coaching to help the learning stick. You can investigate our Adopting and Adapting course or contact us directly to learn how we might help you pragmatically learn to use agile methods as a team (or program).

Scaling and Spreading Agility

For years, we have worked across teams and outside teams to provide the process and evidence needed to scale agility for program and portfolios. We have worked with leaders and executives, helping them answer the often over looked questions. Contact us for information about how we have helped organizations and large programs pragmatically scale a lasting agility.

Responsive engineering feeds product agility

if you can't integrate, you can't test and you can't learn

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Test Driven

Technical agility still matters! While it may be forgotten in many circles, teach it, coach it and promote every chance we get. We can bring our Test Driven course to you and follow it up with embedded coaching. Contact us for more details on how our coaches can pair with your technologist to help grow the numbers and passion for test driven working and learning.

Continuous Delivery and DevOps

Having been part of the continuous integration movement from the beginning, we’ve been riding the CI / DevOps wave since before it had a name. Today, we are helping technologists move to CI to CD so they can promote the importance of continuous product learning. Using tools like Chef, Puppet and more our Continuous Delivery course teaches tools, process and purpose. For more information about course and coaching, contact us here

If you’re weary of dictatorial Scrum Masters …

We are too! DevJam coaches are GDF (Guaranteed Dogma Free). Instead of simply telling you to “do Scrum”, our coaches focus on introducing “just enough” of the practices that show real value and evidence of how agile methods can expose issues and augment learning. Evidence and experiences are the guides we use to tune and improve within teams, across teams, and outside teams.