Continuous Delivery Through Continuous Questioning – Agile 2013

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Speaker Joel Tosi Description Continuous Delivery can be a substantial competitive advantage.  However, like all good ideas and concepts, if we turn off our thinking and just look to be the process, we will never truly realize the benefit. In this session we will look at current delivery structures and how those can be morphed into continuous delivery.  Along this …

Open Space – Agile 2013

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Open space is simple: Start discussions that spread helpful tools and challenge the status quo. The format is also simple: People suggest topics and topics are organize by location and time slots (market place) Concurrent discussions take place across time slots (this is the open space) Open space ends with a collective sharing of things people learned The session topics …

October 29 – Dual Events – JavaScript and AWS

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Today – two different communities came to the DevJam Studios and SoMaker Space to exchange ideas and learn new things. The JavaScriptMN Meetup held their monthly event in the Basement Space.  This event was complete with a costume competition as as as a pizza dipped in spicy sauce eating contest.  Oh yes, and there was some JavaScript too 🙂 The …

Agile Day 2013 Twin Cities – Sold Out – Wait List Active

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The annual Agile Day 2013 Twin Cities has sold out today.  A wait list has been activated so that you can sign up to be notified if someone cancels their ticket.  You will have one day to respond to the vacancy notice before that open spot is sent to the next person on the waiting list. For more info on …

Scaling Agility Class in Action

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  David sharing experiences and having great conversations on how to scale agility at DevJamU’s Scaling Agility course. Companies like Code42 and others bring great experience and take away actionable ideas and techniques.        

Markup: HTML Tags and Formatting

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Views at Agile Day Chicago 2013

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More Views The views and conversations of all the presenters have been great thus far.  Not only are these views great – but the view from the windows of the conference space are great too.  Take a look:

Agile Day Chicago 2013 Started

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    DevJam and Version One sponsoring Agile Day Chicago 2013 Ron Jeffries, Michael “Doc” Norton, and Brian Marick started the conference today with discussion on questions from the audience facilitated by David Hussman. The format for the discussion was the traditional DevJam Jam Session format – each question got 5 minutes for discussion, then the audience voted to continue …

Infusing UX into the Agile and Lean Processes

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There are many teams and companies using agile methods these days. Sadly, many of them are stuck in optimizing delivery and missing the importance of discovery, and also missing the infusion of UX as a powerful tool. The webinar will show concrete examples of infusing UX into agile and lean methods.

Congratulations RedStamp and The Occasions Group!

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RedStamp and The Occasions Group held a fun party last night at DevJam to celebrate The Occasion Group’s acquisition of RedStamp.  A well-deserved celebration by two Minnesota companies, indeed!  Big thanks to for organizing and sponsoring.

Automated Testing Jam Session Packs the House

Andy McGrath News

Last night 75+ folks filled the basement to listen to 5 developers in the community give their two cents on the automated testing tools they’re using, and in some cases, creating. Following the presentations was a very animated fishbowl discussion. For those who were unable to make it, we’ve posted some of the questions that were posed here. These events …

JavascriptMN – Trans-Continental!

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Not only was it standing room only for last night’s JavascriptMN meet-up at DevJam, but Google Hangout was also plugged in to include collaborators in Argentina.  AngularJS directives and HTML5 desktop notification experiences are in worldwide demand!

Author of The Code Witch December 17, 2013 6:30 pm to 9:30pm

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Meet Sarah Sterman, author of The Code Witch Girls In Tech Minneapolis/St. Paul Tuesday, December 17, 2013 from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM (CST) Minneapolis, MN Come join GITMSP and author Sarah Sterman as she talks about The Code Witch; the idea, the crowdfunding campaign and what’s next.  Questions encouraged, non-alcoholic drinks and light appetizers provided. This fiction novel was written …

This Post Looks Beautiful even with Long Interesting Title

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DevJam at Campus Codefest

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Campus Codefest is an un-conference for University of Minnesota designers, developers, sys-admins, and other interested parties in the University of Minnesota community who want to come together to code for a couple of days. Campus Codefest organizers invited DevJam to help facilitate and support teams as the attendees broke into teams to hack away on solving problems and building cool …

Regular Blog Post

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An Evening with MongoDB

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Mongo DB joined us last week to present to the twin cities for the first time! MongoDB enjoyed our speakeasy space and attendance ended up being standing room only. We are looking forward to another visit TBD in the future! Here are the details the August 20th talk. Schema Design Gary Murakami, Ruby Evangelist / Engineer, MongoDB MongoDB’s basic unit …

How Much Process Is Enough?

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JUST ENOUGH PROCESS IS MEASURED BY ITERATIVE LEARNING. If you’re asking yourself “Are we doing SCRUM (or Kanban) right?” you may not be asking the right questions.  Instead, ask your team(s) about the challenges and constraints they face and use that information to help guide you in identifying a set of practices that will foster learning and help the teams …

SoMaker Launch

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A new community space is opening its doors on Monday, August 5th. Starting at 9:00 on Monday, SoMakers will be open from 9 – 5 for makers of all types. Building on the coworking and maker movements, SoMakers is a South Minneapolis Maker Space. This maker space is for creative collaborators of all types to gather and produce. Writers, coders, …

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VersionOne AgileLive

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David Hussman is presenting a live webinar on “Collaboration That Scales”

Satisfaction Lies in the Effort

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Hack for MN Hosted by DevJam

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Hack for MN was hosted over the weekend at DevJam.  For a report, check out the article on Tech{dot}MN.

Hack for MN Coming

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A National Day of Civic Hacking is being hosted by DevJam.  Find out more on Tech{dot}MN.

The Shallot

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  Check out TheOnion’s little brother, The Shallot.  An entertaining way to spend a lunch break.

DevJam Hosts Global ServiceJam

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Global Service Jam hosted by DevJam on March 2, 2013 The first Global Service Jam took place in March 2011, where more than 1200 participants in more than 50 cities created around 200 unique service designs around the Theme “(Super)HEROES”. A sister event, the Global Sustainability Jam, took place in October 2011. Around 800 participants in more than 40 cities …

Future of Project Management

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How does a former musician build a successful business in the agile space? DevJam leads the way with David Hussman Posted on June 21, 2012 by Samir Penkar In this interview you will learn: How a musician pivoted to start a successful agile startup Some ideas on career path for SCRUM Masters Dude’s law on how to get more value DevJam’s new studio in Minneapolis, …

Dude’s Law, Gordon Pask and The Shoveler

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In 2010, I was awarded The Gordon Pask Award. When asked why, the committee told me it was “so that I continued doing the work I was doing”, or pragmatically coaching and teaching agility. Joe Rainsberger was kind enough to call me “a builder of community builders” and Jeff Patton told me that I “play the ball where it lies”  (instead of telling people they …