Thomson Reuters Development Excellence Dojo: The Journey Begins

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There’s a grand experiment in learning going on in the lower level of the Thomson Reuter’s Eagan campus. For context, last year, a group at Thomson Reuters was tasked with identifying best practices for software product development. They called themselves “Development Excellence”. Simply coming up with those best practices wasn’t enough. They also needed to develop a way to efficiently …

Hitting the Product Groove with SPS Commerce

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Have you ever felt like you are finally getting the flywheel spinning, hitting a groove, checking things off the list and getting pretty good at delivery? Have you even then wondered, where are we going? Is our backlog just a glorified to-do list? Are we building the right thing? How would we know? The SPS Commerce Agile Coaching team recently …

Value over Process: Contextual Agility at Bluebeam

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Bluebeam is a rapidly growing Pasadena-based software company constantly looking to improve. The leaders at Bluebeam understand that while their teams are doing well with the mechanics of iterative development, their recent growth has led to challenges that lie outside the iterative delivery cadence. Jason Cepeda, Orientation Program Manager, was tasked with finding a partner to help Bluebeam take the …

Product Agility 0.2.0

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Product Agility 0.2.0It was nice to be in a room full of people sharing ideas and experience during the second Product Agility gathering. Where the first gathering addressed principles, or How We Think, this session was about practices, or How We Work. The evening was a mix of presentation, discussion and processing of the various practices outline on Feedback …

From CI to CD – Sometimes It’s the Simple Things

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Helping teams as a coach is sometimes as simple as making them aware of practices and techniques they don’t know, often because they’re too busy getting work done to stay current with newer practices and techniques. At times, even simple things can make their world a whole lot better. Helping a Team Reframe a Problem I recently had an experience where I was …

How to Write Small, Valuable Stories

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The Problem Chances are you’ve been there. You’re planning a sprint with your team and you know the stories are too big to be completed within the sprint. You propose a way of breaking the stories down, only to be told your breakdown is no good because each story no longer has business value or customer benefit. Worse yet, you’re …

From CI to CD – What about architecture?

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Product architecture is not a fixed thing but rather a spectrum of decisions.  Key aspects of your product are costly to change and you need to get them more right early on.  Having expensive decisions ’emerge’ would be dangerous.  Other aspects you might not know well enough and you need the flexibility of emergent design. Coaching teams, I commonly come …

Joel discussing testing and test automation in continuous delivery

Dealing with Test Debt

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The lack of test automation, in most products, can be a crippling debt in trying to do quicker product learning through continuous delivery.  This test gap makes delivery in small increments uncertain – when things fail unpredictably is it the code, the environment, or something else?  Additionally, test debt can make fast product learning cost prohibitive.  What are some things we can …

Keynote at PNSQC 2015

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David Hussman recently gave a keynote called “How to Build the Wrong Thing Faster and Learn from It” as the PNSQC 2015 Conference in Portland. The talk addressed ideas and issues around helping companies embrace uncertainty and the importance of product learning over simply focusing on iterative delivery. The talk speaks to the relationship between team structures and product needs, …

Learing in Customer Journeys

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Many people think of DevJam as a place to go to get coaching and courses that produce real and lasting agility. While we are stoked that we are a trusted source, we are on a quest to share our product development stories and our lean and mean(ingful) approach. If we were to build your product, the experience starts when you step …

Adventures in Product Piracy

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Agile 2014 in Orlando was invaded by DevJam Product Pirates. Process mongers and project wonks were given a chance to learn more about product thinking and pragmatic design tools. We were, of course, kind to the casual traveler who simply wanted to learn more about ideas like story mapping and pragmatic personas.

How Often are You Wrong?

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  While we have made great strides in challenging late integration, lack of collaboration and the obvious need for automation, we still have a ways to go when it comes to ideation, and the dangerous amount of certainty we have when it comes to products and people. Assume Delivery is a Constant I once had a physics teacher who often …

Dude’s Law, Gordon Pask and The Shoveler

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In 2010, I was awarded The Gordon Pask Award. When asked why, the committee told me it was “so that I continued doing the work I was doing”, or pragmatically coaching and teaching agility. Joe Rainsberger was kind enough to call me “a builder of community builders” and Jeff Patton told me that I “play the ball where it lies”  (instead of telling people they …