The Uncertainty Movement

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I wonder if in many ways some of the process stuff gets a little bit too in the forefront, we lose sight that the idea is to figure out what we don’t know sooner. – David Hussman nfoQ recently posted an interview with David Hussman, where David speaks to how he’s seen the evolution of product thinking in software, and along that …

How to Write Small, Valuable Stories

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The Problem Chances are you’ve been there. You’re planning a sprint with your team and you know the stories are too big to be completed within the sprint. You propose a way of breaking the stories down, only to be told your breakdown is no good because each story no longer has business value or customer benefit. Worse yet, you’re …

From Progress to Product

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David Hussman speaks about the evolution of product thinking and what’s next. For more pragmatism from a UI/UX perspective check out Jeremy Kriegel and his short interview on why sketching can help get you to product agreement faster. From Agile Day Atlanta 2015. Interview by VersionOne.