Jam Session – Deep Learning & Robotics

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Join us February 13th for a peek into David Frenk’s self-driving car project. Here’s a breakdown of the evening:


– The AI revolution and how self-driving cars fit in: Deep Learning meets Robotics
– Early attempts at autonomous vehicles (including some pretty funny video footage)
– The current state of the art (people will be surprised by how many AVs are already on the roads)
– The biggest breakthrough yet: YOLO network (with awesome video of real-time object detection)

Deep Dive – Sensor Blending

– Math and Physics are cool: What are the sensors that AVs use, and how are their signals processed? LIDAR, IR, etc.
– Live Demo: line-following robot, obstacle-avoiding robot

Deep Dive – Computer Vision for AVs

– What a computer sees: Image pre-processing: filtering, etc.
– How a computer reasons about what it sees: Convolutional Neural Networks overview (including some cool examples of computer-generated art and neural style transfer)
– Live Demo: YOLO network in action (have some people come up on stage with props, take a photo, and run real-time object detection on the photo)

My Self-Parking Car project

– Robot design
– Project structure
– Data-collection process
– Live Demo: Have an audience member set up a “curb” and watch the robot parallel park.

Please RSVP to reserve your spot. FYI – for RSVPs, we’re making the switch to Meetup.com!