MN Gov IT Symposium 2016

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In this session, attendees learned why Products and Platforms matter more than Programs, Projects and Processes. The session included hands-on exercises to challenge how we think and included concepts related to Lean, Agile, XP, Scrum and Kanban.

A majority of attendees agreed that this session was useful to them and met their expectations.  They also said the keynote speaker, Kevin Burns, was extremely knowledgable, prepared and effective in his delivery of the information.

Quotes from attendees:

“I enjoyed the open discussions and hearing other agencies strengths/faults.”

“Enjoyed the session very much. Kept my attention well with information that is useful and applicable in my current position.”

“Great speaker. He had a lot of information and I appreciated how he had us all interact with different exercises.”


Slides from this session are now available: MN Gov IT Symposium PRODUCTS & PLATFORMS OVER PROGS, PROJS, & PROCESSES final