We coach within teams and across large organizations. Our coach’s are pragmatic and outcome driven, helping people with product design, responsive engineering, validated learning and real and measurable agility.

Our product teams work with a producer as they build products for clients and DevJam. Instead of simply focusing on output, we strive to validate product, allowing us to continuosly make the best investment possible.

DevJammers are skilled in their craft and steeped in product thinking. They are ready to work across languages and platforms and they know how to start the discussions that give them the content they need to produce.

DevJam U courses are a combination of interactive material taught by compelling instructors. From programming to product design to agility, our small courses and the best of outcome based education.

DevJammers know how to build and when to pivot

DevJammer Services

DevJammers are experienced and ready to build responsive applications across iOS, Andriod and other mobile platform. Core to our delivery techniques are automated testing, automated build and deploys, and a strong emphesis on user experiences as a driving force.
Outside the mobile space, DevJammers have years of experiences building applications and systems for a wide variety of companies and domains. From retail to education to legal and beyond, we know the realities of building systems that are adaptive and lasting.
DevJammers speak (and code) in Java, .Net, Python, Ruby, Groovy and more. They are also fluent in platforms like Rail, Grail and Jango. We also have great skills in JavaScript, CSS and other front end technologies.
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Our coaches value people and products over process and dogma

Coaching Services

Organization coaches work within teams (projects), across teams (programs) and outside teams (portfolio). From product planing that spans teams, to cross team planning that addressing dependencies and constraints, to fostering learning within and across teams, organizational coaches help connect program communities to your product’s advantage. Organization coaches also help with with work that is often considered to be “outside the teams”, like working with marketing, executives and sales groups just to name a few.
Team coaches work with one or more teams. They sit with teams, creating story maps, building product road maps and helping teams learn from delivery. Team coaches know that pairing with people helps them learn quickly, but they may also choose to hold spontaneous workshops for one or more members of a team, and they are fully ready to teach a full course if needed. Team coaches will help and teach and then leave the team to learn on their own for a bit before returning to coach and teach some more.
Embedded coaches are DevJammers who are on one team, working side by side to design, deliver and validate product ideas. While they are on the team, and signed up to help produce, they are ready to help other team members learn skills like test driven, acceptance test writing, surfacing issues at stand up meetings, and creating a flow of product value delivered within and across iterations.
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Our Proven Approach

Interviews and Assessment
  • Interviews with leaders and teams
  • Interview people outside teams
Three Part Coaching Plans
  • Self directed activities
  • Workshops and courses
  • Team and organizational coaching
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Great learning comes from instructors who listen as they teach

DevJam U Course Offerings

David Hussman’s Free Video Series

For anyone new to Agile Methods (Scrum, Lean, Kanban, XP) or seasoned practitioners looking to breathe new life into their teams or program, David has create a series of one hour instructional videos that cover, coaching, leaning out your process, agile product design, collaborative chartering, story mapping, discover and delivery planning and more.

Adopting and Adapting Agility

Participants will leave this course with the reasons (why) and the skills (how) to start benefiting from agile methods. The session combines presentation and interactive experiences to introduce many aspects of running an agile project. Unlike traditional training, participants will practice and question agile methods. The course covers agile values, principles, and practices of the most popular agile styles (Lean, Scrum, and XP) into a complete package which is being used by sustainable agile communities.

Test Driven (Development)

Test Driven is a two-day course that introduces participants to several software development techniques guaranteed to help improve your software’s design and overall quality. Participants will be introduced to test driven design (TDD), refactoring, test double usage, and dependency injection (DI). A series of hands-on exercises are used to reinforce the concepts presented, allowing participants to try the new development techniques firsthand.

Agile Product Design

While this course is focused toward product owners and product managers, the materials are accessible for anyone who is part of an agile community looking to improve their product planning tools and techniques. As the course is highly interactive, there may be deviations to accommodate valuable questions. If the number of questions for any topic exceed the time allotted to the topic, the group will post the questions and discuss them at the end of the 2nd day.

Great products start with the humility that you have a lot to learn

Production Services

Converting your ideas and insights into customer value, one slice at a time.

Blending Lean UX, Agile Engineering and Lean Start Up concepts, our product developer teams work with you and a DevJam Producer to design and deliver product you can use to validate your ideas with your customers and market.

How do we produce?

  • Ideation: Guiding sessions focused on early discovery around target-markets, product concepts, visual designs, and more.
  • Product Design: Building out user experiences, a product road map, and appropriate fidelity prototypes.
  • Product Delivery: Quick build and learning cycles based on essential product slices aimed at a minimum viable product.
  • Continuous Production and Pivots: A continuous production flow that provides product measurements which determine pivot points towards the next best product investment.

While we often provide a combination of product design and product delivery, but we are also experienced delivering in partnership with design firms and lean UX tools and ideas.

How do you connect with a DevJam Producer?

If we’ve piqued your curiosity, getting connected is simple. Call us at 001.612.354.7493 or email us. If you are in South Minneapolis, drop in to DevJam Studios for a free coffee: 818 West 46th, Minneapolis MN 55419

DevJam events are informative, interactive and irreverent